Company Introduction

Dina Part is a supplier of R & D, manufacture, sales and services. There are more than 3,000 kinds of automotive products including idle speed control, fan motor, bulbs, carbon brush, fuel pump, spark plug, injector needle, etc.

The company focuses on quality control and carries out quality defect prevention management. Dina Part adheres to scientific and technological innovation and insists on investing 50% of its annual revenue in R & D. It has acquired more than 200 patents, the quantity of which increase dozens every year.

Good products made by Dina Part. The company is committed to serving every car in the world!

Fan Motors

Fan motors are very simple in construction. They consist of a synchronous or asynchronous electric motor, with a fan wheel of the associated shaft, and the connections for the lines. However, DC motors are used (e.g. in computers or in a car). All motors consist of a stator and contain a rotating rotor inside, which is surrounded by pole-pieces. The types and sizes of the fan motors are very different and differentiate heavily among themselves. The reason for this is the area and the performance of the engines. The higher the performance, the more complex the structure needs to be.

Fuel Pumps

A fuel pump is a part of an automobile that supplies fuel from a fuel container to the carburetor of an IC engine. A fuel pump is an important part of the IC (Internal Combustion) engine. This is because the fuel supply is important to keep the engine running. Whether you’re trying to breathe new life into a large piece of carbureted block or running a lawn device, the engine requires a stable fuel delivery, which is the purpose of the fuel pumps.

Technology is our vision and future

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You can contact us by visiting the company in person or using contact and email phones. Our team will always be by your side.

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